Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Riddle Me This

It's time for a fun game of DIAGNOSE EVA! Here are some symptoms for you to write on your white board...

Clue #1
Our credit card company put a block on our card due to suspicious activity, which was actually me sending Nemo out to the store for just one thing: Spaghetti-Os, Ramen Noodles, and Wendy's cheeseburgers, etc. Apparently innumerable small charges on a credit card is a red flag for fraud...but in this case, it was something completely different.

Clue #2
Nemo and I recently started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I couldn't help but notice some stunning physical similarities between myself and the android Mr. Data.

Namely, we both have pale, greenish-tinged complexions. I'm also finding that I have a hard time getting jokes lately.

Clue #3
Netflix keeps condescendingly asking me if I am STILL watching Buffy/Ripper Street/The Paradise.  Why yes, I am, Netflix, NOW STEP OFF BEFORE YOU GET HURT.

Clue #4
CJ and Noni have conveniently fallen in love with The Tigger Movie. They obligingly watch it every day after lunch so I can I zonk out for 77 wonderful minutes. Sometimes I wake up to someone driving a toy truck across my face, but mostly not. 

Clue #5
The other night I wanted to put hot sauce on my mashed potatoes. Luckily I started to feel pukey about seven seconds after having this thought, so I didn't follow through.

Did you guess it?

We are thrilled that we will be welcoming another HumbleBaby to the outside world this Spring! 

I had to get an ultrasound to date the pregnancy, because what with the cross-country move and everything, I kind of lost track of things. The baby is around 12 weeks now, and should be making his/her appearance sometime in April. 

We've given the baby the nickname of "Ender". Major nerd points if you know why:)

This all might seem strange, given my history and also this recent post. I really can't explain it, but somehow, despite everything, I got a mad case of baby fever. 

I am excited, and very thankful, but that's not to say I'm not also anxious. Prayers and positive thoughts are very much appreciated!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

These kids today

I rarely write posts just about the kids, but now that we are tragically far away from a large cohort of our friends and family, I thought I would put together a little update on these kids of ours.

CJ started going to nursery school two mornings a week, and he is just in hogs' heaven. When I come to pick him up he gives me the stink eye and says, "No, mom. Don't come back." Warms the cockles of my heart.

While CJ is at school Noni and I go to a "Mommy and Me" gymnastics class at the local Little Gym. My little anti-socialite is doing very well and having lots of fun. She sometimes even allows the teacher to help her on the equipment. If you've ever met her in person, you'll know that this is HUGE.

Her teacher says that she is ahead of the curve when it comes to "hanging on". I am not surprised at all, little barnacle that she is.

It should be noted that Noni doesn't usually use a pacifier, so this picture is pretty funny to me. She never got the hang of them as a baby, but she found this one somewhere a while back and seemed curious about it, so I washed it off so she could play with it. Now you'd think she was born with that thing in her mouth.

Noni started calling CJ "Nah-Noo", which invariably gives him a temper tantrum because that is NOT his name. It's close to his real name (we don't actually call him "CJ") but not close enough for his taste.

Noni is started to progress quite a bit with her language skills, but not quickly enough for CJ. The other day he handed Noni a toy and she very politely said, " 'ank you." CJ got in a horrible snit about it. "No! You can't say  'ank you! There's a T-H in it!"

He really shouldn't be throwing stones, though, because he refers to my Kindle as a "Tingle".


We recently discovered that Noni is allergic to peanuts. A few months ago I gave the kids peanut butter with their snack, which I rarely do because peanut butter is messy and I am lazy. Anyway, after snack was cleared away, this happened:

Any skin that came in contact with the PB got really red, swollen, and itchy--she also got some in her left eye, as you can see in the picture. 

A trip to the allergist confirmed it. Allergic. Not life threateningly so, at the moment, but I have an Epi-Pen in my purse now. Bummer.
But there is a silver lining: She isn't allergic to tree nuts! The Nutella can stay!!!


I've got to wrap it up now, because I am headed off to Michigan for the second time this month, but this time on a plane and without bambinos! So say a prayer for Nemo, who will be wrangling them solo this weekend:)

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Postscript: There's more Humblebee on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Hope to see you there! Especially on Instagram. I love Instagram.