Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Riddle Me This

It's time for a fun game of DIAGNOSE EVA! Here are some symptoms for you to write on your white board...

Clue #1
Our credit card company put a block on our card due to suspicious activity, which was actually me sending Nemo out to the store for just one thing: Spaghetti-Os, Ramen Noodles, and Wendy's cheeseburgers, etc. Apparently innumerable small charges on a credit card is a red flag for fraud...but in this case, it was something completely different.

Clue #2
Nemo and I recently started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I couldn't help but notice some stunning physical similarities between myself and the android Mr. Data.

Namely, we both have pale, greenish-tinged complexions. I'm also finding that I have a hard time getting jokes lately.

Clue #3
Netflix keeps condescendingly asking me if I am STILL watching Buffy/Ripper Street/The Paradise.  Why yes, I am, Netflix, NOW STEP OFF BEFORE YOU GET HURT.

Clue #4
CJ and Noni have conveniently fallen in love with The Tigger Movie. They obligingly watch it every day after lunch so I can I zonk out for 77 wonderful minutes. Sometimes I wake up to someone driving a toy truck across my face, but mostly not. 

Clue #5
The other night I wanted to put hot sauce on my mashed potatoes. Luckily I started to feel pukey about seven seconds after having this thought, so I didn't follow through.

Did you guess it?

We are thrilled that we will be welcoming another HumbleBaby to the outside world this Spring! 

I had to get an ultrasound to date the pregnancy, because what with the cross-country move and everything, I kind of lost track of things. The baby is around 12 weeks now, and should be making his/her appearance sometime in April. 

We've given the baby the nickname of "Ender". Major nerd points if you know why:)

This all might seem strange, given my history and also this recent post. I really can't explain it, but somehow, despite everything, I got a mad case of baby fever. 

I am excited, and very thankful, but that's not to say I'm not also anxious. Prayers and positive thoughts are very much appreciated!

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Postscript: There's more Humblebee on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Hope to see you there! Especially on Instagram. I love Instagram.


  1. Congratulations!!! And I love this way of announcing it - so cute :) :) :) Isn't it incredible how quickly our hearts can change? So many many prayers for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy mom and baby afterwards!!!

    And yeah, I'm gonna call in my nerd points right here... There are few authors whose every work I have read, and Card's one of the few :)

  2. Oh wow!!! So so many prayers for you - now and when the newest one arrives. Congratulations!!!!!

  3. Yay!! You had me at clue #1!! (Spaghetti O's and Wendy's can only mean one thing in my book - I'm surprised the credit card company didn't send you a congratulatory message instead!).

    So happy to hear and beyond happy to hear that you're thrilled! You'll have my prayers for sure. Congrats!!

  4. Feeling proud of myself for getting your Ender joke! So happy for you!!! Sending prayers lady.

  5. Amazing! God is so good. You will be taken care of by Him and the Blessed Mother! Prayers!!

  6. I think I already said it on FB, but congratulations - awesome news! I have read various of the Ender books, but...I think maybe I'm not nerdy enough to get the connection.

    Also, I nominated you for a Liebster Award :-)