Friday, October 17, 2014

Seventeen Days Later: A Home Tour

Thanks to copious help from friends and Nemo's coworkers, our move to our new house went fairly smoothly. I can't believe it's been over two weeks!

Some of you have been asking for pictures of the new digs, and now that most of the boxes have been unpacked (or cleverly hidden), I am more than happy to oblige.

The house is a colonial built about 45 years ago. Much of it is dated, and we had PLANNED on doing some updating before we moved in, namely replacing the flooring. What with one thing and another we didn't get to it and likely won't for several more years now. BUT! I did manage to paint all the bedrooms and Nemo installed ceiling fans and replaced some outlets.

So! Welcome.

 To the left of the entryway is a nice-sized office...

Off to a good start,  huh? Don't worry; it gets better.  

To the right of the entryway is the living room...

Which leads into the formal dining room.

Since I am morally opposed to feeding toddlers in a carpeted room, the dining room has become the library/sewing room. This is likely as tidy as it will ever get. 

I just now got my sewing machines out of storage a few days ago, and I hope to get my Etsy shop up and running again within the week. Sorry to everyone who has been waiting!

Then we have the kitchen.

 It's certainly a step up from the kitchen in our rental, but of course if we had unlimited time and money we would definitely rip it all out and start again. It's just what we do.

The eat in kitchen, good for eating in and also playing board games. CJ is completely obsessed with Blokus at the moment.

Off off the kitchen is the family room, which contains Nemo's new BFF: a functional wood-burning fireplace. We've had a few fires so far this season and it IS quite cozy. And no doubt good to have in the event of a snow-related power outage. This is Wisconsin, after all.

The family room also contains my new BFF, the red couch. We had some camp chairs set up in the there while I was obsessively checking Craigslist for reasonably priced sofa that didn't look like it was covered in various frat party substances. They were few and far between, let me tell you. 

So I wandered into a legit furniture store one day (with both kids in tow, oy) and purchased this one from the clearance section for about the same amount that I would have spent on a nice, used sofa on Craigslist. Score! One can never have too many places to nap, I always say.

To the left of the playroom is the garage, a powder room, and (contain yourselves, ladies) a laundry room! Note that it's not in a basement and there is nary a spider's web to be seen.

 At the far end of the hall upstairs is...

...Noni's room, aka "Where all the cool kids hang out and try to cheat death".

I ordered fabric for curtains like two weeks ago, but thanks to some sort of clerical error the order never got shipped. They assure me that it's on it's way now (sure, sure) so hopefully I will be able to retire the quilt-curtains before too long. 


...and CJ's room.

At the near end of the hall is the guest room/future baby room.

Then there's the master suite.

There as some feng shui issues we need to work out, but there's one thing that I am definitely OK with:

It's a beautiful thing.

 photo Signature1_zps6ee36174.jpg

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