Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Master Bedroom Gets a New Look

Hey! I've finished watching the whole run of Buffy for the second time in six months (which Nemo seems to think I should be embarrassed about; I don't see why), I've got some second trimester energy, and the kids are contained in their rooms for quiet time. So I thought I would sit here with a bagel and Nutella sandwich and try to crank out a blog post.

Let's talk about the Master.

 No, not THAT one. 

THIS one.

That's what the master bedroom in our new house looked like when we bought the place. After a coat of paint and getting semi-moved in, it looked like this:

Not too shabby, but it had a few troubling first-world problems:
Problem #1: The paint I selected for the walls was a light blue-gray, which is very hard to tell in the picture. But it was not jiving with the neutral palette of the bedding and lamps.

Problem #2: No curtains. 

Problem #3: I wanted to pivot the bed 90 degrees for a reason I can't really remember, but that meant there was nowhere for our huge dresser to go.

I kind of blew the bedding budget on just sheets--I had just bought some at Home Goods but they pilled after the second wash, so I had to shell out for yet another set. So disheartening.  
This left me in a little bit of a bind when it came to the duvet cover. Then one day I got the idea to try and dye it to the gray tone I had in mind. I mean, textile dying always seems to work out so beautifully for the ReFashinista--why shouldn't I give it a go?
So one afternoon the duvet cover met a plastic tote filled with a whole lot of water and a packet of Rit dye that I picked up for $1.88 in the laundry aisle in Walmart. I reduced the amount of dye and didn't let it soak as long as directed in hopes that I would achieve more of a gray color, rather than black.

The result was purply-gray rather than dove-gray, but all in all I like it!

Next up: Bedside lamps found on Craigslist, spruced up with new shades found at Walmart.

I spent a good amount of time sewing curtains for all the bedrooms. I splurged on thermal/blackout liner fabric, since this is Wisconsin, where it is freezing cold in the winter and the sun doesn't set until 10pm in the summer. Totally worth the extra cost and time.

Then we moved our x-large dresser to the guest room and found two smaller dressers on Craigslist to go in the master.

All this work, and what did I get?

A lovely space.
And a really weird cat.

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