Friday, December 12, 2014

Things I want for Christmas, but probably won't get (SQTs)

Linking up with Kelly at This Ain't the Lyceum again this week...

For some wise entrepreneur to open an Indian restaurant with a drive-thru, or curb-side service at the very least. I can't tell you how many times I've driven by a restaurant and thought, "man, I could really go for some paneer pakora right now...but I really don't want the drama of getting everyone out of the car.
Come here, you.

Come to think of it, a lifetime supply of lamb tikka masala and paneer pakora would be nice.

For some miracle worker to develop a vaccine for gastrointestinal viruses. The barfs are going around town right now, like they tend to do this time of year, and I very much do not want them right now. Or ever again.

Maternity long johns--I've scoured the interwebs and they really don't seem to exist. Seriously, how is this not a thing?

Oh, right, because most pregnant women get nine months of their own personal summer. Unfortunately this has never been true for me, and I've been wearing my big fuzzy bathrobe over my clothes since September. I am so bored of being big and red. My kingdom for the ability to wear a cute outfit and not have my lips turn blue!

This popped up on my Pinterest feed the other day. Story of my life.

To have fresh episodes of This Old House on my Roku in perpetuity.

The ability to drink enough caffeine to feel awake during the day, and still be able to fall asleep at night.

For toddlers to find sewing supplies way less interesting. Also for sewing fairies to come while I'm sleeping and wind bobbins.



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  1. Hah! I could really go for that shirt, too. Welcome to Wisconsin!

  2. hahahaha
    I'm pregnant and still cold too. And I'm in Houston.
    Also, #6! Hahaha! I had a cup of coffee followed by a nap today! I. Must. Stay. Awake...

  3. I'm totally cold while pregnant too (this time of year at least)! And I'm also in Houston!

  4. Trader joes has good Indian food in their frozen foods section.

  5. I could go for all of these. Especially the coffee one. I love coffee. :)