Tuesday, January 20, 2015

{Kids} Noni Turns Two

So, Noni had a birthday recently.
 Noni at one.

 Noni at two.

I suspect that I'm *supposed* to say that this year has really flown by and that I can hardly believe how grown up she is. Well, I can't believe it--can't believe we finally made it past the baby stage! If you've read this blog before you'll know that Noni's babyhood was very challenging, to say the least, but lately it seems like things might be turning around. She's got acres of personality and grows more delightful by the day.

I am going to cautiously say that she is starting to grow out of her stranger (read:anyone but me) anxiety. She recently let her gymnastics instructor, who we have seen every week for 4 months, pick her up. It was big, let me tell you.


Her primary hobby continues to be screaming at me for not holding her 24/7, but over the past year she has developed quite a few ancillary loves, including: Pigs. ElsaAnna (Frozen). Beef Stroganoff. Pigtails. Winnie-the-Pooh. Fashion accessories. She is a very well-rounded little girl.

When I was getting the kids up from their nap/quiet times the day before Noni's birthday I discovered that CJ had actually fallen asleep, so I grabbed the opportunity to sit Noni down and ask her some questions while know-it-all big brother was otherwise occupied.

Me: Ok, Miss Noni. How old are you?
Her: Two
Me: You're two today?No, how old are you right now?
Her: Pink.
Me: Mmkay...

Me: Where do you live?
Her: Ride in pwane.
Me: Oh really, a plane? But where do you live?
Her: On pwane.

Me: What is your favorite thing to do?
Her: ...

Me: What makes you happy?
Her: ...

Me: What makes you sad?
Her: Happy!

Me: What makes you scared?
Her: dfjghlksdgbbv (she usually speaks very clearly but I could not for the life of me understand what she said)

Me: What's your favoite book?
Her: ElsaAnna

Me: Who do you love?
Noni: ...
Me: Do you love Pippin?
Her: Wuv Pippin
Me: Do you love CJ?
Her: Yeah
Me: Who else? Do you love Daddy?
Her: Daddy work times  (I think she meant that Nemo was at work right then)

Me: What does Daddy do for work?
Her: Epic (which totally is the name of Nemo's employer)
Me: And what does he do there?
Her: ...Watch broken. CJ watch. (That's ok Noni, I don't really know what he does there either)

Me: What does mommy do for work?
Her: Daddy.
Me: Oh, just Daddy works? Mommy doesn't work?
Her: No.
Me: So what does mommy do?
Her: Mommy wite. ( I wish I could say that she was referring to blogging or working on a novel, but she meant that I was jotting down notes at that particular moment)

Me: What are you going to do when you're grown up?
Her: Two!
Me: I know you're two. Are you going to work at Epic?
Her: Yeah, Epic.

At this point Noni farts rather magnificently.

Me: giggle
Her: giggle giggle.

Me: Oooohkay, Noni, last question. What's the meaning of life?
Her: Dis. *holds up a crumb leftover from her snack* Pumpkin bwead.


Interview with CJ on the Eve of His Third Birthday

Noni Turns One

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  1. Oh she's the cutest :) I love this - happy birthday!