Friday, March 6, 2015

{SQTs} This is 35 weeks

The ninth month begins. 

Ann Marie over at White House Black Shutters wrote a pretty nifty guide to taking a DIY maternity silhouette photo a few years ago that really stuck with me and I finally got to give it a try!

Some random thoughts and facts about my big fat pregnant life right now:

I hate to admit it, but this dumb Whole30 diet has helped tremendously with my insomnia and inflammation problems, so this is the best last month of pregnancy that I have experienced so far.

That being said, I am still third-trimester pregnant, so I am huge, ornery, weepy, hungry, out of breath, and ready to be done.


We finally got around to locating the hospital where I will be delivering and touring the maternity digs, which are quite nice. The recovery rooms actually have full-sized beds (with real mattresses, instead of the traditional 2-inch thick, plastic-covered hospital mattresses) so Nemo doesn't have to sleep on a chair. Pretty swank.


On the downside, the hospital has a strict rooming-in only policy, which is causing me a little bit of stress. I have a VERY hard time sleeping with a baby in the room and have no intention of "rooming-in" once we are home. I'm not saying I want the baby to stay in the hospital nursery all night, but a two-hour stint here and there so I can take a worry-free nap would be nice. 


I am nesting like crazy, but given our recently-moved status it is manifesting more as box-unpacking and bathroom-painting rather than onesie-washing or bassinet-assembling.

Beige. Florescent lighting. Clearly unacceptable.

 I'm hoping I still have the time and energy to paint the kitchen and install some shelving, because obviously that should be a priority right now.

Baby "Ender" is still without an official name and little progress is being made in this area. This could be a problem.

I've been measuring a bit smaller with this pregnancy than I did with CJ and Noni's--and when I  say smaller, I mean "average", as opposed to two or three weeks ahead. I'm curious to see if Ender will end up being a bit smaller than her siblings who weighed  8 lbs, 14 oz and 8 lbs, 10 oz at birth. My overworked arms would be ecstatic.

Noni is beyond ready to be a big sister. She is always asking me to kidnap babies for her. "Mommy, you take dat baby home pweese?" she says whenever she sees someone in the under-one age bracket.

CJ is for the most part indifferent, as Ender is neither a letter nor a number.


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  1. That silhouette is absolutely beautiful! You and the baby are just lovely! Good luck this last trimester -- it is so trying isn't it?

  2. Real beds in the recovery rooms??? That's pretty amazing. That's one reason I hate the hospital - those stupid beds are SO uncomfortable and I just want to be at home in MY bed! Can't believe your due date is so soon!!!