Wednesday, March 25, 2015

{Project} Kitchen, now with fewer holes in the wall!

Here I am in the home office, blaring The Dubliners, and trying to ignore the banging and crashing coming from CJ's room as he takes his "quiet" time. I guess I could try to write a blog post during this time...we'll see how it goes.

Why don't we talk about my kitchen? You know you want to.

In November we played a little cabinet musical-chairs which increased the functionality of the kitchen by like 1000%, but unfortunately the process left it with some...cosmetic issues. A quick review:
I've been meaning to repair the walls in kitchen for a while, but things have been we couldn't for the life of us figure out how to remove that stupid nail. Then a few days ago Nemo had a stroke of genius and figured out some sort of lever system to pry it out...that was one mother of a nail. 
 No wonder it gave us so much trouble.

With that issue taken care of I was able to get to work spackling, sanding, and then giving the whole kitchen a fresh coat of paint (Behr in Watermark).Which left things much nicer, to be sure.

We had to take the bifold doors off the pantry because CJ was playing with them one day and one of them actually fell off the track and almost took him out. It was very traumatic for everyone. Really, those things are the worst. And this house is FULL of them--10 sets at last count.

So anyway, while the kitchen looked much nicer with patched walls and was at least much SAFER with the bifold doors removed, it left the pantry area looking a bit unfinished.

It seemed like a nice space for my tea things, which were soon to be homeless anyway since I will need their former cabinet by the sink to house baby bottles in a few weeks or so.

I got a 6' length of common board at the hardware store, which Nemo helpfully cut it in half with his scary power tools that I'm still not comfortable using. Then I stained them and gave them two coats of polyurethane, then Nemo took over again to hang them above the microwave using some basic wall brackets. The results!

A sheer curtain might not have been the BEST choice, but it was part of a set that was left in the house by the former owners and Nemo had used one of the panels to filter a batch of beer (no, really!), so instead of having a lonely curtain moping around the house I decided to give it a job. I mean, it was free. Plus, there is very little chance it could injure inquisitive toddlers. Double win!

It makes my heart happy.

I got the glass canister from the St. Vincent de Paul store for $0.60!

 photo Signature1_zps6ee36174.jpg

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  1. Just LOVE the Pgh mug. ;) Also that redo is awesome!