Friday, March 27, 2015

{SQT} The Gift of Gab: Toddler Quotes

How much do I love having two verbal toddlers? SO MUCH. While there is still the same amount of screaming as when I had two non-verbal toddlers, at least now there is some entertainment to be had as well.

Here's some of their best material from the past few months:

When he saw me wearing foundation for the first time in, like, ever--

"Uchhh, Mom, what's all over your FACE?"

While reading the titles of the songs in the hymnal before Mass started and coming across one called "Shout to the Lord"--
CJ [shouting]: "Hey! We don't shout in CHURCH!"

On walking into the living room and noticing that we had finally mounted the tv on the wall--
CJ: Hey! Did Sandra Boynton do that???
Me: ?

Discussing Saturday plans--
Nemo: Noni, do you want to go to the gym with me?
Noni: No! Mall! MALL! MAAALLLLL! Mall, mall, mall, mall, mall, mall, mall! MALLLLLLLL!

While riding in the car--

Noni: Arrrrrr! Arrrrrr!!!
CJ: No, Noni, no growling!
CJ: No, don't say that to me, I don't like it!
Noni: changes tactics, starts singing the alphabet song to herself but (intentionally?) skips the letter "R"
CJ: No, Noni, you did it wrong! You forgot the "R"!!!

While giving a wiggly three-year-old a haircut with only a two-year-old sister as backup--
CJ: Nooooo!!!! Not my thousands and thousands of hairs!

After the aforementioned haircut--
Me: Well, CJ? What do you think?
CJ: Ummmmm. Bad.

On passing a particular radio tower in a field on our way to the grocery store--

Noni: Mommy! Dat's mine wocket ship! Noni's going to da mooooooon!

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  1. Aw man too funny - especially Noni's alphabet antics! 😂