Tuesday, April 7, 2015

{Project} Facelift for the Eat-In Kitchen

The rumors are true. I am what they call "extremely pregnant".

Today is my due date, and tomorrow I will be the most pregnant I have ever been. I really didn't expect to be pregnant this long, as CJ was born at 40 weeks, Noni and 39 weeks, and I foolishly assumed that Ender would also be in the "40 weeks and Under" club.

What is it they say? Two data points do not make a trend. Also that babies do not care about your plans. Lesson(s) learned.

Anyway, all this sitting around waiting for labor to attack for the last two weeks has me absolutely dying of a combination of boredom and insomnia. I just went to Target for some Tylenol PM, so I guess it's time to fend off the boredom by cranking out a blog post. I never finished telling you about my recent kitchen spruce-up!

Our house has a formal dining room, but alas it is carpeted and thus is not practical for us to use it for dining at this stage in our lives. Luckily, there is an eat-in kitchen. 

So we put our lovely dining room set in there, but it soon became apparent that it was just the wrong shape and size for that space.
Whoops, forgot to take a proper "Before" picture. This is the best I could find!

Even with all the leaves removed, it was very difficult to maneuver around the table--for me especially, given my rate of growth over the past few months.

During my first thrifting excursion after I had decided to retire the table (for the time being) I came across the perfect substitute! I love when that happens.

Rectangular, perfect size, and cheap ($65)! All major criteria met.

It had the additional bonus of being handmade, and the chairs and table legs were all solid wood. I didn't realize until I got it home that the tabletop itself isn't solid, but you know, the kids are just going to draw on it anyways so maybe it's for the best.

I also liked that the chairs were upholstered, as I've been meaning to try my hand at upholstering for a while.

We used the new set for several weeks before I actually got around to the upholstering, and by that point (after countless spilled cups of milk) it had become very apparent that VINYL was the name of the game.

I didn't really like any of the printed vinyl at the fabric store, so I ended up choosing a cotton upholstery fabric and a clear vinyl to go over top of it to protect the cuteness.

So every evening for a week I took a chair:

Then after detaching the seat I got to work prying off millions of staples used to keep the old fabric in place. Once it was off I used it to cut the new fabric and vinyl to size.

Next came the actual upholstery. There are some tutorials with pictures here. I found it worked better if I layered the vinyl over the fabric and attached both layers at the same time, rather than first attaching the fabric, then the vinyl.


I really love the fabric--and it goes so well with the new paint in the kitchen!

It is sooooo nice not having to perform a contortionist act 1,678 times during every meal to get more milk/ketchup/salt/water/whatever the heck it is the kids want.

 photo Signature1_zps6ee36174.jpg

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  1. Wow- your chairs (and table) look fantastic! I'm impressed. Good find. And I didn't realize you were already... there. If we can help in ANY way when it's time or after the time, please don't hesitate to ask. I have some freezer meals chilling here for you. You'll be in our prayers these next few days!

  2. The chairs are great but I LOVE the rectangle table!

  3. Love the chairs! We've been dying to reupholster ours for a long time (they were originally white fabric, but after a few years of kid-use, you can probably imagine how disgusting they are). I've been looking at vinyl-covered cotton fabrics, because it seems like a good way to get both features all in one. But I still haven't found the perfect one.

    I feel for you, Eva! My first two kids came 2 weeks and then 1 week early. I was FULLY expecting to be at least a week early with #3. So it was the most torturous experience to me to get through those next two weeks, because he ended up coming a week LATE. Ugh. Hope it happens for you soon!!

  4. Whoa! How did I miss this?? Awesome job lady!