Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Maiden Voyage

Over the holiday weekend we went on our first-ever camping trip with toddlers. And a newborn. As you might imagine, the trip was fraught with hiccups...

We had planned on going to a state park that was practically night in our backyard, but when we got there (much later than we planned and everyone was wanting dinner and a bed) we discovered we'd accidentally made the reservation for the NEXT weekend and the park didn't have any sites available! After a few tense minutes the lovely park ranger called the county park up the road a bit and found out that they had one spot left, so we hurried down there before someone else could snap it up.

We had a rough time getting it parked--I mean, look at all those trees!!! What are they doing in a park, anyway?

But we got settled in just enough time eat a quick dinner and then enjoy a lovely sunset.

 We got the kids IN bed around 8pm, which is much later than they are used to, but due to the new experience of sharing a bed, they were up until all hours, Noni giggling and CJ saying things like, "Stop getting in my space, Noni!".

Nemo, Ender, and I played gin in between going into the bedroom to shush the big kids. I lost every hand.

Really, mom? Every hand?

Despite the very late bedtime, all the kids were up before 7am. Nemo had been up in the night attending to Ender, so I fed everyone, put the baby in the Boba carrier, and took them all out for an early park exploring expedition.

You know how in the movie "Cars" all the characters are anthropomorphic vehicles, so instead of "Cow Tipping", McQueen and Mater go "Tractor Tipping"? Somehow that turned into Noni calling construction vehicles "Twactor Tippin's". She is always excited to see one, even when sleep deprived.

The park had a nice playground on site.

And all the camp sites were numbered, so obviously that was CJ's favorite thing about the whole trip.

A Little Library too! 

After Daddy got up we hauled out the bikes.

Then we had lunch al fresco.

 Lunchtime gymnastics. Because she's two.

We pulled out stakes soon after so we could get Noni home in time for a much-needed nap.

We still have some kinks to work out, most notably in the sleeping arrangement department, but the kids didn't notice all the things that went wrong; as soon as we got into the house they were asking to go back in the RV again. Mission accomplished.

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