Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Mobile Humblebees

If you know me in person there's a good chance I've talked your ear off about our plans to convert a school bus to an RV. The point being to have an RV so we could visit our now far-flung family and friend--and we thought it would be fun to do build our own. With three kids in the mix it seemed very unlikely that we would be able to complete such a huge project in a reasonable amount of time, and we wanted the benefits of  having an motorhome NOW. So we changed the dream ever so slightly. When a used motorhome in our price range that suited our needs showed up on Craigslist, we bundled all three bambinos into the minivan and drove about 1.5 hours south to take a look at it. And after poking around on the inside and taking it for a test drive, we decided to go for it!

It's a 1998 Georgie Boy with low miles.

 It has a dinette on which a math-obsessed little boy can count his coins. Or, you know, where the family can eat dinner. Whatever.

Teeny kitchen--that's all you really need for camping, right?

Noni pointed out that the commode resembled CJ's training potty. 

It's got a queen bed in the master bedroom, which will probably be the kids' domain so we can have the run of the rest of the place after they go to bed.

(I've got grand schemes of recurtaining the whole vehicle because those drapes---yuck.)

 The kids had a great time pretending to drive us to the zoo, the indoor playground, and the beach.


 There are enough seat belts for everyone.

Ender had a good time too.

Never fear! There will be carseats involved whenever the vehicle is in motion.

 It measures 33 feet from bumper to bumper. Luckily our driveway is 34 feet. Whew.

We plan to go on our first camping trip next weekend. With a six-week-old baby in tow. Oy.
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