Monday, July 27, 2015

An Interview with a New-ish Four-Year-Old

I conducted this interview a few days after CJ's fourth birthday, but he has been exploring his wild side since that big day and due to THAT drama, I'm just now posting it a full month later. Learning to deal with a kid who has all of a sudden realized that bedtime is optional has taken most of my energy!

(It's not all bad, though. Since his birthday he has learned to open his own string cheese, which cuts down my workload a lot).

 Ok, CJ, are you ready for your four-year-old interview?

1.      How old are you?
Do you like being four?
Yeah,'s hard being four.
What's hard about it?
I don't know. But--but--it's 9:30. That means it's time for snack.
What's your favorite thing about being four?
Um...messages...and calendars...and Magformers. And--and--INSPIRE Magformers!
(He got a set of Magformers for his birthday and saw in the manual that there is a sets that he doesn't have yet--and has been overtly hinting that he wants the INSPIRE set added to his collection. He doesn't care one bit that they are marketed for girls, and I kind like that about him.)

2.      Where do you live?
At 206. First we were at the house 135. Then 3053. Then 206. That's our new house! Uh, mom...I like INSPIRE Magfomers. 

(Those are indeed the house numbers for our previous residences. He forgot the 1712, but to be fair to CJ we moved out of that house when he was six months old.)

3.      What is your favorite thing to do?
What? Legacy Academy and INSPIRE Magformers. Playing Play-Doh. Can you write that down?
Sure thing dude.

4.      What makes you mad?

5.      What makes you scared? (I immediately regret asking this question.)
What do you do when you feel scared?
I scream about the Ghost.
On ghost duty.

6.      What is your favorite book?
40 Short Stories. And this calendar.

 (To be clear, he is not a Willa Cather fan. This is his favorite book because 40 stories = 40 chapters, and chapter headings are his jam right now.)

7.      Who do you love?
Who else?
Pippin. What's number eight?

  He forgot to mention Ender. Even though he is a colossal grump most of the time these days, he always has a smile for "his" baby.

8.      What do you want to be when you grow up?

10. What does daddy do for work?
Uh, he eats something.

11. What does mommy do for work?
Write also.

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