Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My 1,337th Day on SAHM Island

In a fit of nostalgia, I was recently reading over some of my first blog posts when I came across this gem, chronicling my first official day as a stay-at-home mom when CJ was four months old.

My days with Baby CJ had me at my absolute limit, and I couldn't fathom adding even a simple trip to the grocery store to the mix (Nemo did all the shopping and cooking back then).

Now, three-and-a-half years later, I am at my limit--but now I know that my limit isn't absolute! Every day that limit moves, sometimes two steps forward, sometimes one step back. Something I have over 2011 Eva is that I am much MUCH better at gauging where my true limit lies, and I know not to be scared of where my limit will or won't be in the future. Progress!

I thought it would be fun to update the snapshot of how my days go these days. My 1,337th day as a SAHM was a pretty typical day for us, although there were some brand-spanking new challenges that presented themselves.

But, whatever. I ain't afraid of no ghost.

(That's going to make sense in a little bit)

6:48am - Baby #3 is awake, and since Nemo got up with her yesterday I reluctantly take my turn. I get her up, change her, then put her in the bouncy seat.

6:55 -  I start a pot of water for tea, then get to work reheating some eggs and muffins for the big kids' breakfasts.

7:10 - Get the kids up. The hallway light is on and both kids are still sleeping, which tells me that they probably didn't sleep well last night. Yay.

7:15 - Sit the kids down to breakfast, scarf my own down, then give the hungry baby a bottle.

7:45 - Steal into the office to try to drink my cup of tea in peace, but am constantly disrupted by a war being fought over the ownership of a new toy. Finally screaming reaches the point where I send the big kids to their rooms for a time-out.

 A spontaneous game of "pile toys on the baby"

8:15 - Put Ender down for a nap.

8:20 - I go back to the office to try and watch some instructional videos for the open-source graphics software Inkspace.

8:37 - CJ comes in and tearfully confesses to me that there was a ghost in his room last night, and it ROARED at him. Comfort him and make plans to track down and smack whoever told him about ghosts.

9:15 - Get Ender up, pack the diaper bag and the toddler entertainment devices, then head off to a pediatrician appointment.

10:15 - Ender needs another nap, so we drive to the mall so the big kids can play in the play area while I bounce Ender to sleep in the Boba carrier. Noni has a random googly eye clutched in one fist the entire time so obviously she can't do any running and climbing. She sits on the benches and glares at everyone between requests to "go home now, mommy."

11:25 - Head to JCPenney's to ride the escalator up and down three times before heading home.

12:00pm - Arrive home, fix some lunch - odds and ends for the kids and a big salad with leftover roast chicken for me.

 Don't worry; I'm not starving myself. That's actually a serving bowl.

I don't get to eat yet though because the baby is awake and hungry.

12:45 - reading time

1:18 - Leave Ender, still awake, and race downstairs to put everyone in time out. Which makes everyone scream harder, so I opt to begin nap/"quiet" time early.

1:30 - Big kids are sequestered in their rooms and I check on Ender, to seems to have gone to sleep on her own. I start this blog post.

1:45 - Everyone is napping, so of course the UPS guy rings the doorbell - TWICE!!! - but it's ok because he's delivering the triple stroller that my parents recently purchased for us.

1:58 - Ender's awake! Crap. Well at least I can watch whatever I want. We settle onto the couch to make faces at each other while I watch some of my wildly inappropriate tv show.

 Don't look now, baby, but a guy just got decapitated right behind you.

3:02: Ender asleep. I start folding some laundry.

3:08 - Ender crying. Soothe back to sleep.

3:30pm - Release CJ from his room. Practice piano because his class is tomorrow and we've only practiced once in the last week.

 He likes the part where the cd tells him to play the white keys LOUD.

3:48 - We decide to read on the couch.

3:49 - After I've read 1.5 paragraphs of my book CJ decides he is done reading and requests to play with the marble tracks he got for  his birthday. I oblige.

4:15 - Get Noni up. The fun continues.

5:00 - Turn on the YouTube playlist I made for the kids so we can begin the downward slide to bedtime.

5:17 - Nemo home!

5:22 - Wake Ender up so she'll go to bed at a reasonable hour. Hand Ender off to Nemo so I can triple-task reheating dinner, writing a blog post, and do some laundry.

6:08 - Dinner.

6:30 - The big kids have turned into flying monkeys, possibly with rabies, so I announce early bedtime. And everyone looses their damn minds.

6:55 - Tucking CJ in turns into a 20 minute sobfest regarding his bad ghost dream of last night.

7:15 - Get back downstairs, retrieve sleepy baby, then put her to bed as well.

7:30 - I watch episodes of Psych and Love It or List It on Netflix while Nemo puts together the new stroller.

8:30 - My new favorite drink - Whisky Sour - magically appears on the side table. I congratulate myself on having the good sense to marry he who is clearly the best guy in the world, ever.

9:00 - I'm toast. But not toasted. I only had one drink, I promise! To bed.
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  2. Ok, I cannot figure out how that stroller fits 3 kids so you're going to have to post a picture!