Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Gift of Gab #3

The last quotes post was only six weeks ago, but these kids have been very chatty lately and had amassed quite a collection of new gems, so buckle up for another one!

All the pictures were taken on our latest RV camping trip, our last "practice" trip before a longer one we have coming up in September. The kids played HARD all weekend, and here it is Wednesday and I swear they still have a fun hangover. One of the down sides, I guess. But that vehicle is a memory factory, and that's what it's all about, right?

While I'm eating my "lose the baby weight" salad for lunch...
CJ: Why are you eating vines?

Discussing how we all slept the night before...
CJ: There was a ghost in my room last night and I screamed at him.
Noni: Dere was a ghost in my woom wast night and I talk-a him. I say him ABCs and he wike dat.


CJ: Look, my baby is looking at me!
Ender: Achoo!!!!
CJ: Ugh, mom, Ender blessed herself all over me!

After hearing "Forever Young" playing during the opening credits of my binge show du jour, Parenthood...
CJ: What? No! I don't WANT to be forever young!

After splitting open a pea pod and discovering three peas inside:
Noni: Dis one mommy, dis one CJ, and dis one Noni. (pops one in her mouth) Mwuah ha ha ha! I eated Noni.
Tutoring a two-year-old on roman numerals...
CJ: Hey Noni, does "D" equal one thousand?
Noni: Yeah.
CJ *condescending laugh* No! It equals FIVE HUNDRED!

During one of the urine-soaked early days of potty training...
Me: You need to listen to what your body is saying.
Noni: My body sayin' NO!!!

Of course it is.

CJ: Mom, what's a milky way?
Me: It's the galaxy where we live.
CJ: No, it's when you walk on milk. Ha ha ha!

Nemo: Hey Noni, do you want to go for a run with me?
Noni: Yesss!!!
Nemo: Does mommy want to run too?
Noni: (Looks me over critically) No, she too big fit in da stroller.

Noni: Dat's an insteck.
CJ: No, it's a bee.
CJ: No, it's a bee, Noni!
Noni: Oh, it's a bee.
CJ: Yup.
Noni: Yup.

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  1. Haha I love these! CJ & Noni seem to have a pretty similar relationship to John Paul & Cecilia's :)