Friday, September 18, 2015

God Bless the Babysitter

This whole week Nemo has been out of town meeting with a client. I may have white-knuckled it through my first EVER solo parenting experience, but everything turned out all right. Except where that part where Ender slid off CJ's lap and ended up licking the floor of a public restroom. That was not cool.

Although the week was moderately successful, that's not to say that it wasn't long. It was loooong. And tiring.

Which is why I had the babysitter come to my rescue this morning.

A while ago I read on a friend's blog that she had a mother's helper come in once in a while to watch her kiddos so that she could do anything she wanted. And I was like, ZOMG, we can do that?

Of course she had five children and at the time I only had two, and past Eva thought I would look like a total pansy for needing help with my two measly kids. Oh, past Eva.

But then I had another baby, and I was no sooner home from the hospital than I started looking for a babysitter of my very own. Through I found several charming young ladies who the kids absolutely adore, and I've had a few mornings off every month ever since.

(One reason--besides feelings of unworthiness--that I didn't get a babysitter before this summer was the budget--I mean, who's got the money for that? But during the last few months I undertook a mass decluttering and sold a lot of stuff on Craigslist and facebook groups. The house is neater AND I get to rest my ears once in a while. Win/win!)

This is what my most recent morning off looked like:

7:30 - My hero arrives! I give her the lowdown and then CJ and I take off for preschool.

7:50 - After dropping CJ off at his classroom, I treat myself to an unaccompanied trip to the restroom. I didn't have to remind anyone not to open the stall door while I was making use of the facilities. Also no one licked the floor. AHEM Ender.

8:15 - Wow I usually don't start my morning off this early, what's even open at this ungodly hour? Hmmmm. Oh yes, Jiffy Lube.   I let the van get some long-overdue service while I leisurely peruse magazines in the waiting room. Heaven, I'm telling you.


Yum, Sweet Potato Ginger Soup. Definitely trying that.

9:00 - To the bank! Did not have to prevent anyone from writing on the walls and no one had a temper tantrum because I wouldn't let them fill their pockets with the provided suckers.

9:30 - Starbucks for a Cinnamon Chai Tea. 

9:45 - Hit up St. Vinny's and try not to buy all the things. I did well; I only bought one of the things! Namely this corduroy skirt.

Perfect for fall!

 10:15 - Off to my other most favorite place in the world, conveniently just up the street from St. Vinny's--the Habitat ReStore! That's where I found this uber cute bed for Noni a few weeks ago

Nothing quite that Pinterest-y today, but I DID find a taverse rod, which I have been wanting for our front window for quite some time, for the low low price of $5. Way too boring to take a picture of, though.

10:45 - Grocery shopping. No one cried! I think I held it together admirably even though they didn't have any craisins this week and eggs were $2.39/dozen. What is that about?

11:00 - Pick up my best guy.

11:15 - Home again! Refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to make lunch for my minions.

And that's how it's done. 

God bless our babysitter, for I would surely yell a lot more if I didn't have her occasional help.

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  1. Hmm I've been considering this kind of thing for far too long I think, maybe I should just go ahead and look into it already!